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  • Leni Irizarry
    commented 2022-04-06 02:15:48 -0400
    Both sides of the aisle don’t want to get things done. Only political power.
  • Sheik Abdullah
    commented 2022-04-05 21:19:53 -0400
    Your thoughts is our thoughts, where we go , LA is the best

    We vote for you
  • Jason Brimer
    commented 2022-04-04 08:20:26 -0400
    Saw advertisement on youtube, i’m sold. Lets vote this guy into office. Give him a chance. Californians need to realize a vote for democrats does NOT mean a vote to help average people. Californians won’t have a clue democrats are evil until the social media platforms and legacy media stop lying to them about it. We’ll keep voting democrat after democrat wondering why everything still sucks and gets worse

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